Our Journey to Costa Rica

It’s been nearly 45 years and most of it is
not that clear in my memory but magical
times can be like that. Costa Rica was wild
and free; it was so unattached to the rest of
the world. So many exotic Smells and
scenes.I felt I could stay here forever. This
is a land of nature and freedom of spirit.

About the artist

Featuring Costa Rica inspired art. Showcasing juanDiegos Art .

Primarily a impressionist artist with some infusion of abstract Art. All art is Costa Rica inspired from over 47 years visiting the virgin country starting back in 1974 a place that has always been magical to him and remains so to this day.

Never Comfortable or as a young boy in the United States juanDiego then his given name of Clifford Ray never felt connected to the lifestyle or the energy of North America.Nor did he feel comfortable with his English given name as there were no English people in his family he changed his name to feel more connected to the country that he loves so much.

Severely dyslexic as a young boy he failed all of his subjects with the exception of art and exercise class.

Therefore he spent endless hours sketching and doing pen and ink drawings finding himself in his art.

Then as a young man of 19 he drove his then 50-year-old mother to the country of Costa Rica. The travels and drive through all of Mexico and Central America took many months.This was to be the fourth trip south of the border visiting Mexico several times starting as young as 16 years old.,When he and his best friend decided they wanted to Surf the longest wave in the world according to the Guinness world book of records. A right point break .The surf was wonderful but what most took Diego by surprise was how comfortable he felt with the Latin culture he fell in love with the energy and peace.

Upon returning to the United States in the spring of 1974 Diego met and married his exotic and beautiful wife in art school, from the Canary Islands Maria Louisa.

Of course upon marriage they immediately took off for a six month back packing hitchhiking trip through primarily Costa Rica .Although visiting , Guatemala Nicaragua and San Salvador they fell deeply and thoroughly in love with Costa Rica.

Over the next 47 They would visit Costa Rica dozens of times with there young family with the dream of one day moving to Costa Rica and being able to call it their home.

It was one of the many trips that they made that his son Aric fell in love and married a beautiful Costa Rican girl by the name of Andrea it was this beautiful union and the birth of the young son Misa that set the dream to become a reality. With JuanDiego and Maria Luisa having a son daughter-in-law and grandson in Costa Rica they were destined to be able to refill there dream.

The last part of the dream to be completed is that Juan Diego and Maria Luisa are able to get their beautiful daughter Michelle her husband and  two There two children Hudson and Preston to live to Live in the family compound we have in Nosara .so We may be able to live the true Costa Rica family lifestyle of three or four generations on one property. And be part of the Nosara art gallery.

A Dream to be completed in the future. 

What we love to Do!

Surfing and art, they should never be judged. Never stop the flow of energy of self-expression of the individuals who venture into the realm of creation. When someone expresses themselves be gentle with them. Come visit me in my gallery. We will make a time if you wish. Perhaps you can make a piece of art? It is wonderful – it is in you I Believe. And if you’ve never floated across the top of the water let’s do this together. If it is your first time surfing it is my pleasure to experience this with you

Nature is art, God is nature. Every color, shape, size and surprise nature has given us is all around us and in us.

Surfing and art, they should never be judged. We don’t want to stop the flow of energy of self-expression of the individuals who venture into the realm of creation.


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